SUDSC II webinar 9: "Empowering Cities" - Advancing Gender Perspectives in Urban Development

Arpan Mazumder

The 9th webinar in the series, titled "Empowering Cities - Advancing Gender Perspectives in Urban Development" will emphasise on the crucial role of gender perspectives in urban development, highlighting the need for inclusivity, empowerment, and equity within cities. It will delve into topics such as digital transformation, municipal finance, and climate resilience, by examining how these areas intersect with gender considerations to shape policies and initiatives.

By focusing on promoting gender perspective and inclusivity, the webinar aims to inspire actionable steps that create urban environments where individuals, regardless of gender identity, have equal opportunities, access to services, and a voice in decision-making processes. Through insightful discussions and sharing of good practices, the webinar seeks to drive positive change and contribute to building more inclusive and sustainable cities for everyone.