Insight Moment - The City Resilience Action Planning Tool by DiMSUR and the City Climate Finance Gap Fund


Join us in our upcoming Insight Moment, to learn about the different tools and financing mechanisms in improving resilience and addressing risks in today's changing world. The Insight Moment will be jointly given by representatives from DiMSUR and the City Climate Finance Gap Fund. 

With the unprecedented levels of urbanization seen globally, it is becoming more evident that intermediate and secondary cities are facing more "urban problems" every day. Such problems are further heightened and compounded through climate change and through the lack of rigorous planning guidelines. 

It is very crucial to start thinking about sustainable solutions in order to resolve the problems faced by cities. One way to achieve this is through the City Resilience Action Planning Tool (CityRAP) by DiMSUR / UN-Habitat, an inclusive, participatory resilience planning method that can create a participatory approach between communities, practitioners, and local leadership.

Complementary to this, the City Climate Finance Gap Fund (Gap Fund) provides technical assistance for climate-smart urban planning and investment in low-and middle-income countries.

Look forward to gaining insights on what the CityRAP tool is and how it can be applied in your city, and learning more about the Gap Fund with its eligibility criteria, application process and examples of potential gap fund support. 

The 05/07/2022 Insight Moment will be delivered by the following speakers: 

  • Nuno Remane is the Executive Director of DiMSUR, an Intergovernmental Technical Center for Disaster Risk Management, Sustainability and Urban Resilience. DiMSUR is proposing solutions to engage with communities and their governments in order to help them address disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and urban resilience in their countries.
  • Vanessa Bauer is a project manager at the GIZ, where she supports early-stage project preparation for climate-smart urban infrastructure through the City Climate Finance Gap Fund. Prior to joining GIZ, Vanessa has gained experience in the private sector, in public sector advisory at PwC Luxembourg and in UNEP’s Sustainable Infrastructure team.

Join us for this Insight Moment of the WG-RIUD on 5th of July from 10:00 to 12:00h (CET time).