Municipalities and their COVID-19 Response to Local Economic Development

Vani Moodley • 11 November 2020
Start of the event:
14:00 Berlin, 8:00 Bogotá, 10:00 Brasília, 15:00 Amman, 16:00 Nairobi, 17:00 Tbilisi, 21:00 Peking 
Languages of the event: English, Arabic, Spanish


Municipalities and their COVID-19 Response to Local Economic Development             

In the frame of the Connective Cities virtual week, virtual events on Economic Response, Housing & Education will take place on Wednesday, November 25th. We cordially invite you to participate in our session on How Municipalities in Sub Saharan Africa are Responding to Local Economic Development Due to COVID -19.

This session offers cities and municipalities the opportunity to exchange their experiences and successful strategies about the challenges that local governments face in times of the COVID-19 pandemic is the economic impact of the sudden closure of local businesses. The multiplier effect of such closures is multifold, which results in a reduction in tax revenues and user charges for the local governments and an increased strain on our local economies. 

To make the sessions more relevant, we will be using recent data sets. At the moment,  we are conducting a desk and frontline research, including interviews with the local Business Associations/Chambers as well as with municipal officials who are asked to describe the known impacts of COVID-19 on their cities and provide actions that they have taken to address or mitigate those impacts. We will synthesize the survey and use it as a basis of our presentation and discussion. In order to create an international exchange, this session will highlight experiences from Uganda and USA. In addition, various Cities officials, the leadership of business organizations, and other interested people from Accra, Nairobi, Kigali, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Lusaka, Harare, Addis Ababa, and Mombassa will participate in the discussion and contribute their views.

The following Topics will be discussed:

  •  Specific issues impacting our Cities currently
  • What is the way forward?
  • Role of Cities in Local Economic Development during COVID -19 and best Practics
  • Short and Medium Term Actions
  • How can Digitization be leveraged to address some of the challenges?

We are looking forward to your participation!

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English - Municipalities and their response to COVID-19عربي - البلديات واستجابتها لمرض كوفيد -19Español - Municipios y su respuesta al COVID-19






Dr. Daniel Okello Ayen, Director, Public Health and Environment, Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda

Lance Morrell, Managing Director, FEI Consulting, USA 

Martin Onyach-Olaa, Senior Urban Specialist, the World Bank, Kampala Office, Uganda

Moderation: Vani Moodley & Deepak Adhikary 

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