Pop-Up Living Lab

Innovation Cluster Challenge 2: How can we utilize technology to revitalize and occupy empty city spaces?

There are many empty spaces in different cities which could be revitalized by the community. We recommend promoting innovation by allowing people to test their ideas and host their events in these spaces. These could include food markets, classes, sports, music, charity or cultural events, events for teenagers or seniors, to name a few. By allowing different creators to reserve the space for short amounts of time (a few days or weeks) it becomes a low commitment and low cost proposition for them and a way to ensure the multi-purpose spaces are being used. If done right, the whole space can become vibrant and diverse where people are excited to go there because each time it is different. We can imagine it being a local favorite place as well as a tourist destination. Ideally the app would be a global one where one could search by city.

The technical solution is an app that allows people to see the empty spaces in a city, filter them for the criteria they need (such as size, capacity, kitchen etc.), book the spaces they like for the days or weeks they need it and create their events on the app. This automatically publishes the events in another section of the same app and allows the community to find events and buy tickets. Ideally, they should be able to push and promote the events easily through social media.


In this short amount of time it is difficult to build a working prototype but with the help of developers or pre-existing software the solution should be feasible.

Prototype website - https://www.justinmind.com/usernote/tests/68581401/68596230/68596286/in…

Pitch video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fGEg-gVrjs

Slack channel - #innovation-c2-popup-livinglab

Team members:

  • Alina Zdrenghea

  • Tetiana Sverhun

  • Priya Sangameswaran

  • Andriy Tymchenko

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