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Fighting trolls and fake news with media & tech literacy: In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, what tools should social actors use to combat dangerous

Legendary king of the past, Dzitri is a beloved figure of the Togolese folklore, considered a protector of the city of Lomé and its inhabitants. Thanks to its unlimited powers, he turned himself a web robot to prevent fake news, misinformation and radical propagandists on social media platforms.

Each time a user tries to publish a message with an exaggerating alarming tone, aggressive content, or dissonant compared to the usual sentiments expressed on the platform, Dzitri suspends the publication and asks the user a confirmation, reminding that certain messages can affect the most sensitive users and should be fact checked before being published.

Most social media users are victims of fake news instead of real propagandists. Indeed, we live in an era of instant global communication, where it is impossible to know all the truth on every topic. But Dzitri knows! Because he is watching all what’s published by the users of the platform, so he can help users to not be fooled when they are publishing online content.

Dzitri Check is a com
bination of different artificial intelligence algorithms such as natural language processing and sentiment analysis, filtering each message before it is published on a private group calling him as a supporting web manager. Dzitri will suspend the publication of "borderline" messages until the user confirms it really wants to publish this message and assumes the responsibility of the information source.


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