SUDSC II webinar 3: Mobilising Resources for Green Infrastructure Projects: Green Bonds

Arpan Mazumder

In the SUDSC II webinar series, the third webinar is titled as "Mobilising Resources for Green Infrastructure Projects: Green Bonds", which intends to initiate discussions on the need for identifying the investment gaps and infrastructure needs; need for shifting from traditional ‘grey’ financing instruments to options of green financing (green bonds in particular); how to seek financing via green bonds; requirement of a policy framework at different levels (central, state, local government level), etc.

The webinar shall attempt to address the challenges of identifying investment gaps and infrastructure needs in rapidly evolving urban environments, and explores various financing instruments, including Green Bonds. It also shall emphasise on the principles, evaluation methods, and potential partnerships related to Green Bond financing. It shall examine the specific application of Green Bonds in urban contexts, considering cities with and without bond-issuing authority, and highlights the importance of supportive policy frameworks at different government levels.