“How to assure a locally-driven and knowledge network-oriented approach to Climate neutral City Development?” is one of the key questions the 2nd Green City Pioneers of Change Workshop will provide answers to.

As part of the Connective Cities’ recovery program on “Municipal response to COVID-19” the topical cluster “Green Urban Development” is currently working on synergies between mobility and urban space solutions involving cities like e.g. Kigali, Kisumu, Hamburg, Hanoi, Dortmund, Belo Horizonte, Kochi, Lalitpur, Quito, and Buenos Aires.

The cluster wants to encourage an exchange between Green City Pioneers of Change which involves, apart from peer-learning between the above mentioned cities, two public events.

The first of the two planned Green City Pioneers of Change Workshops was conducted on 19. January 2022. It focused on the presentation of inspirational international practices and encouraged a reflection among city pioneers on how to promote first green initiatives and the role of pioneers in facilitating them (see video and case documentation here: https://community.connective-cities.net/en/node/1111).

This 2ndGreen City Pioneers of Change Workshop will focus on the reflection of critical success criteria for the promotion of bottom-up approaches to Climate neutral City Development. The cities cooperating in the cluster and the experts facilitating the cluster will share their efforts and their way of learning in

a. the creation of local knowledge networks that integrate young researchers und local universities, change makers in the local administration, existing firms and start-ups with new business models

b. promoting several smaller “learning by doing” and implementation-oriented initiatives that are becoming building blocks for a more systemic transformation approach in the respective cities.

Based on the presentation of these concrete experiences we will reflect with the participants in an interactive way on the need and ways to promote a locally versus mainly externally-driven approach to Climate neutral City Development.

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