As part of the Connective Cities’ recovery programme on “Municipal response to COVID-19” the topical cluster “Green Urban Development” is currently working on synergies between mobility and urban space solutions involving cities like e.g. Kigali, Kisumu, Hamburg, Hanoi, Dortmund, Belo Horizonte, Kochi, Lalitpur, Quito, Buenos Aires, etc. At the same time there are many other cities in the Connective Cities Community who also have worked on green city solutions. 

The first of two planned Green City Pioneers of Change Workshops has the objective to involve a wide range of city representatives to reflect about the promotion of synergies between local urban space , mobility and energy solutions and to make use of the collected city experiences in the Connective Cities Community.

The 1st Green City Pioneer of Change Workshop 

  • will provide an overview about different inspirational kinds of integrated international experiences to connect urban space, energy and mobility solutions. It will also present some inspirational practices from the themes the working groups in the cluster “Green Urban Development" are working on.
  • will provide space to reflect in a dynamic World Cafe Workshop style with city representatives and interested individuals on challenges and opportunities to promote integrated green city solutions with diverse number of stakeholders involved in the development of our cities.   

The final objective of the 1st Green City Pioneers of Change Event is to create a Pioneers of Change Network on Green Urban Development that goes beyond the individual working groups and clusters.

Join us on the 19. January 2022 from 13:00h to 15:00h (CET time) and inscribe now!

Powerpoint slides and documents from the workshop are available here