Insight Moment on the topic of Risk Informed Development: Securing Development Gains among Multidimensional Risks

Cities have become the centers of human activity and thus there is a confluence of risk at the urban level. Risks are created by our development decisions, by sectors, and how these risks are no longer a standalone matter but are increasingly interconnected and more and more systemic (effects feeding into another and adding into that other and so on).

Consequential, the economic losses are mounting as we are not able to address risk, requiring thus investments in three dimensions, not only the built environment, but also the social, economic, and environmental. Risk informed development is so relevant, as well as ensuring this practice populates the urban scale, meaning that it ensures a systems’ thinking and bring actors and stakeholders together.

This Insight Moment will be delivered by none other than the master of the field Mr. Rajeev Issar (UNDP), who has over ten years’ experience as a resilience, sustainable development and risk management professional, currently working with UNDP on risk-informed sustainable development processes, global policy discourse on 2030 Agenda, urban resilience, disaster/climate risk analysis and impact assessments from different time thresholds. He was the resilience, DRR and adaptation Officer in Executive Office of the UN Secretary General for Climate Summit in 2014, focusing on mobilizing political will and catalysing action through multi-stakeholder initiatives.

He has also led policy and programmatic initiatives for sustainable development and resilience building at global, national, urban and community level to advance risk-informed development. Mr. Issar has studied at the Delhi University and acquired MA in English Literature, M. Sc. in Disaster Management, Law, Journalism, Land Use Planning and Everyday Leadership.

Join us for this Insight moment of the WG-RIUD on June 10th from 16:00 to 17:00h (CET time).