Two groups have tackled during a quick workshop two challenges that the very same group helped make sense of beforehand from all the insights that were collected during our first week of virtual global exchange

1. DIGITALIZATION: team from Gaza, Lebanon and Colombia tackling the challenges on digitalization

2. CIVIL SOCIETY ENGAGEMENT: team from: Algeria, Israel, Germany and Estonia worked on the challenge of how to keep the civil society engaged.


Additionally, to the results of the previous hands-on workshop on municipal challenges, we will give you insights on how municipalities can obtain financial recovery and support for local change projects.

Are you looking for professional support for the further development of development policy commitment in your municipality? And how can municipalities obtain financial support for their development policy commitment? We will show you which possibilities are currently available and give you insights on how to recover from financial problems in cities due to COVID-19.


With contributions from:

Alexander Wagner, Group leader of the Service Agency Communities in the One World (SKEW) of Engagement Global responsible for international professional exchange and involved in Connective Cities since 2014. University education in Cologne, Paris and Grenoble as a political scientist and in the socio-spatial development of disadvantaged districts. Many years of experience in neighbourhood development, European experience exchange and municipal development in Africa.

Andrej Frizler, currently City Coordinator in Cities Finance Facility (CFF, GIZ), looking after transport projects in Asia and Latin America, holds an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK. Nearly twenty years of experience in transport, including financing of large infrastructure projects.


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