This meeting between representatives of Madaba and Rietberg municipalities is intended to kickoff a cooperation to exchange experiences and develop solutions to promote tourism for local economic development.


هدف هذا الاجتماع بين ممثلي بلديتي مادبا وريتبرغ هو إطلاق تعاون لتبادل الخبرات وتطوير الحلول لتعزيز السياحة من أجل التنمية الاقتصادية المحلية.

Time (CEST)



Introduction about Connective Cities


The role of tourism in promoting local economic development in Madaba municipality

12:30- 12:50

Presentation of projects and activities of Bibeldorf GmbH in Rietberg


Identification of areas of peer learning and cooperation


Way forward: Establishing a WG on ‘Tourism & LED in MENA’

Thematic Area