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Digital Work City

In this new age of work, people want to be as free as possible .They are searching multiple jobs, flexible schedule, actionable and payable opportunity. Companies are searching great ideas, drive , passion, flexibility, diversity. but also mantaining stability and being sure that the job is being done at the end of the day. The problem for companies is managing these mixed teams with different people participating remotely who can get in and out of projects quickly, replacing them so that newcomers find a clear setup and can take over successfully.


DIGITAL WORK CITY make digital work both for companies and workers extremely easy and manageable : they can find people to work with, working tools, hr services and everything to draw up contracts , pay workers and avoid bureaucracy, also with respect of diversity and inclusion in a completely and exciting new way of working.

Like never before, Digital Work City automates building, managing and paying remote and independent teams of workers, thanks to a a combined product of cloud, project based organization, artificial intelligence, labour contracts and hr services.

To attract quality companies and users, DWC proposes a new digital . organisational and business model:

1)   Possibility to source simultaneously with a single tool all possible forms of supply of skills (hiring of employees, outsourcing of projects, collection of freelancers or staff in administration) ( Multisylos)

2)   Delegating the possibility to buy competences and services to more managers of the own company supplying the approvals of the case but maintaining a single point of control (Multisponsor)

3)          Possibility to acquire through a single WALLET all the useful services for their own workforce generally subdivided on more points of purchase, acquiring them from a single supplier  and leaving people to choose services they need freely (Multiservice)

4)          Simplification of the administrative flows connected to the contractualization of the professional services (es. international workers or hybrid workers) ( Support) thanks to Artificial intelligence a brand new labour platform contract.


We received endorsment from Vice President of Lombardy Region.

Signed partnership with Manageritalia and Mip- Politecnico di Milano ( Business School)

We are part of Pact for Skills program ( Eu Commission)

Prototype website - https://digitalworkcity.com/

Prototype MVP - https://next.digitalworkcity.com/users/sign_in

Pitch video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB_Q7tZaM6M

Slack channel - #digitalworkcity

Team members:

 Nicolò Boggian    

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