2nd Group Meeting: Gender responsive urban mobility

7. Okt. '21 17:30 - 18:30 (CEST)

Dear members of the working group!

We had our first working group meeting last week and the group is very interestingly composed. Some of you have valuable experiences to share with the group members. Others bring interesting issues and questions to the group.

Peer Consulting

We encourage everyone to consider how they would best benefit from this working group. At our next working group meeting, we have not invited external speakers, but want to draw on the expertise of the group. We call this Peer Consulting (you can read more about this approach here). Now it’s you yourselves, who give each other advice.




Explanation of the method

Peer consulting

Wrap-up and next steps


We are looking forward to meeting you all this Thursday and we are happy to welcome new group members, too!