First Group Meeting: Gender responsive urban mobility

Invitation and agenda in English

Invitatión y agenda en espanol


Working group Gender-responsive urban mobility

1st meeting: 30. Sep '21 17:30 - 18:30 (CEST, Berlin)

We will soon meet for our first working group-meeting. We will start out meeting with a short introduction of the working group, followed by an input on the “5 Principles to Empower Women in Transport”. After an overview of potential challenges to work on in the field of gender-responsive urban mobility, you will decide which challenge you want to focus on. We finish the first meeting with a wrap-up and the definition of our next steps.


Input: Women face different challenges when it comes to mobility, whether it is inclusion, safety, accessibility or entering the workforce in the transport sector. The “5 Principles to Empower Women in Transport” illustrate how to cater the needs of women in transport.



  • Welcome
  • Short introduction: working group Gender-responsive urban mobility
  • Input: 5 Principles to Empower Women in Transport
  • Overview: Gender-sensitive urban planning and development – potential challenges to work on
  • Your decision – which challenge do you want to focus on? 
  • Wrap-up and next steps

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