SUDSC II webinar 6: International Good Practices - Digital Business Models for Urban Services

Arpan Mazumder

The sixth webinar in the series, titled ‘International Good Practices: Digital Business Models for Urban Services (viewing with a gender lens)' intends to bring together international best practice examples of digital business models for delivery of urban services, with special focus on mainstreaming gender inclusivity and resilience. It will also include discussion on the respective revenue streams adopted by these models.

The discussion will capture good practices selected on the basis of the following areas:

  • Circularity in Wastewater Management
  • Circularity in Solid Waste Management
  • Urban Water Management
  • Climate-Proofing Urban Planning & Extension
  • Management of Green Public Spaces
  • Inclusive GIS-based Drainage Planning
  • Urban Observatory

The webinar will bring together international experts with experience in the field of digitalisation and simulation platforms for cities, focusing on data management, urban planning, and sustainable infrastructure development. The discussion on these good practices will highlight the challenges and learnings, strategic collaborations established, institutional structures adopted, and the financial options availed, while adopting digital business models that are gender responsive and inclusive.