SUDSC II webinar 7: Climate-proofing Urban Infrastructure (focus on Flood Resilience)

Arpan Mazumder


The 7th edition of the SUDSC II webinar series, being jointly organised by GIZ and the National Institute of Urban Affairs, titled “Climate-proofing Urban Infrastructure (focus on Flood Resilience)” will largely delve into the following discussions:

  • Need for developing a baseline understanding of the flooding pattern in urban areas by undertaking a flood risk assessment (including parameters, potential data sources, criteria, process, etc.); with special emphasis on risk for vulnerable groups (like children, elderly, women, economically weaker section, etc.);
  • Interventions and techniques for building required flood resilience (including technical, financial, and governance aspects) that can withstand and adapt to the challenges posed by flooding.

The webinar will emphasise on importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration, policy integration,
capacity building, and innovative financing mechanisms to mitigate urban flooding. Furthermore, real-life case studies from cities that have successfully implemented flood resilience measures will be discussed and deliberated.