SUDSC II webinar 2: Improving Urban Finance through Value Capture Financing

Arpan Mazumder

In the SUDSC webinar series, the second webinar is on ‘Improving Urban Finance through Value Capture Financing’ (VCF). The webinar will bring together experts from the field of VCF and agencies/departments that have utilised VCF as an innovative tool for financing. The focus will be on understanding the need for the adoption of alternative and new financing mechanisms; how can mega transit projects impact the development of land around them and support the 4 key steps of the VCF process: value creation, value realization (by private players), value capture, and value recycle.

In addition, a representative from Urban Local Body/ Department will showcase their journey in the implementation of innovative financing strategies/ VCF tools to capture value from increased land values resulting from public investments. The focus will be on discussing the challenges and the ways adopted to emerge successful and achieve improved municipal finance.

Reference materials:

Building a Global Compendium on Land Value Capture - OECD