Open Discussion Meeting. Rural-urban sustainable tourism, coops & collabs

Dear municipal representatives and experts,
We would like to inform you on the next step of activities of our working group Rural-urban
sustainable tourism on the Platform Connective cities and invite you to take part in the
Open Discussion Meeting that will start on March 14.
The discussion will focus on two main topics:
1. Good practice examples - success stories of sustainable rural-urban development related
with sustainable tourism activities both a) of your country, region or local community, and b)
from other places or informational sources, that can be useful for our cities and villages in
2. Ideas for the future possible projects in our field (Rural-urban sustainable tourism) or/and
in the other spheres of communities life connected with the tourism activities.
We propose during our discussion to have orientation to such cross-cutting thematic
accents as “green” economy, climate change mitigation, conditions of conflicts and wars,
migration, and of course, sustainable development.
Attention to the issues of diversity (that include a wide range of social, cultural, bio and
economic features of your places) will also enrich the results of our work.
Peer-to-peer collaborative work will be in the center of our methods and instruments of our
We plan to use the findings during our discussion for the further prioritization and selection
of commonly supported activities, which will further presented in the form of joint project
The working language of this event will be English.
The meeting will start on March 14, 2023 from 13 to 15 hrs CEST. Please follow the link for
Looking forward to see you!
In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Smart Project Team