On behalf the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), we the Connective Cities – Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Development and the Global Initiative on Disaster Risk Management programs, thank you for expressing interest in being an active part of the Working Group on Risk Informed Urban Development (WG-RIUD).

We take this opportunity to welcome you and look forward to a productive working relationship. As indicated in our previous communication, the main aim of the WG-RIUD is to develop scalable and replicable solutions on risk informed urban development, foster discussion, and peer to peer exchange amongst German and Southern African cities, creating a network that addresses flooding and extreme rainfall events, water and wastewater management and adaptation to climate vulnerabilities, ultimately to build up resilience and risk governance within the region. In addition, we will contribute to the identification of concrete project ideas for early-stage technical assistance on RIUD in Southern Africa and climate change adaptation. 

Exchange and discussions carried out by the working group will be moderated along the structure of the most common phases of “risk-based decision frameworks”. These frameworks act as roadmaps which guide decision makers in understanding multiple threats, the multifaceted and complex nature of risk and opportunities to and arising from development decisions (including scoping, risk appraisal, options appraisal, monitoring and evaluation and communication and iteration).