Regaining trust in public transport after Covid-19

A workshop on “Regaining trust in public transport after Covid 19”.


After two years of a global pandemic, some of the preconditions of sustainable mobility plans of municipalites are questioned.

·        Increased use of home-office leads to changed or even reduced mobility flows and needs

·        Lack of information and fear to get infected due to unclear hygienic conditions and compliance with hygienic rules lead to loss of trust in public transport

Therefore, instead of increased public transport, people are increasingly using individual transport,

·        counteracting efforts to improve sustainable mobility

·        putting financial pressure on public transport

·        sometimes even increasing infection risks by travelling in smaller vehicles

The Connective Cities working group “Sustainable Mobility after Covid 19” has therefore defined regaining trust in public transport as a key challenge to cope with the consequences of the pandemic and planned this workshop with participation of Caroline Hasenbalg, who is part of the German research project “EMILIA – Pandemic-resistant public transport”. In this workshop we will focus on the following questions:

·        Scientific findings on hygienic guidelines for public transport

·        Good practices on

o   defining hygienic rules for public transport

o   ensuring compliance with hygienic rules in public transport

o   regaining trust in public transport from political stakeholders and potential passengers

The agenda will be:

1.      Presentation on EMILIA – insights into the research on communication measures in the pandemic context

2.      Q&A

3.      Brainstorming on experiences and ideas for local implementations

4.      Next steps