CCLab Hackathon: Pitch & Demo of Prototypes

It's showtime! Our hackers have worked hard and fast to crack the code and find the best actionable solutions to present in front of our prestigious jury committee that consists of municipal actors, public servants, consultants, technologists & Investors. 

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On this page, you will be able to rewatch the recorded session after the event.


12:00-12:10 PM: Hello and Welcome! Inspiring talk by Sabine Drees, Advisor of the Association of German Cities at Connective Cities

12:15: Introduction by Elena Poughia, CC Hackathon Organizer 

  •  Hackathon Recap & Success Metrics 
  • Program and Jury Announcement 

12:25: Cluster 1: Innovation Ecosystems, introduction by Daniela Marzavan

  • 12:30 Pop Up Living Lab

    12:38 Mixed City 

12:42:  Cluster 2: Crisis Communication, introduction by Chris Doring  

            12:45 Dzitri Check

           12:52 Active Youth for EU 

13:35:  Cluster 3: Digitalization, introduction by Jorge Rodriguez Nieto 

            13:15 White Libra

            13:18 Culture Reset

            13:25 Assistant Volunteer 

13:30: Break for the jury to decide on the winners

Tune in at 17:00 for the award ceremony!